• The Rock-Monster mid-valve kit is the solution to eliminating deflection, harshness and fade in your Xplor fork. The OEM mid-valve on the KTM, GasGas and Husqvarna Xplor forks simply cannot flow enough oil, no matter how soft you shim it. This leads to a fork that is both “mushy” and under-damped, but also is harsh and deflects off rocks.   


    The Rock-Monster turns this on its head with a valve that holds up well in the whoops and turns, but also gobbles up rocks. Maintain your line, reduce fatigue and arm-pump, and gain speed and confidence. Bring your suspension to the next level!


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    * All kits now include a WP adjustable base bolt. This is the "compression clicker" you're used to seeing on the bottom of the fork leg. This will give you the ability to adjust low speed compression behavior with a small, flat blade screwdriver.




    • The Rock-Monster kit contains a replacement mid-valve and complete shim stacks to transform your Xplor fork. This kit maintains the adjustability provided by the stock ‘compression’ leg, while fixing the major design flaws of the ‘rebound’ leg. A personalized setting will be provided to meet the needs of each individual customer.