The Rock-Monster Revalve kit is the solution to eliminating deflection and harshness, and increasing front end control and traction in your WP AER/XACT 48 air forks. The OEM settings on the KTM, GasGas and Husqvarna WP AER/XACT 48 fork lack tuneability, have too much initial compression, and have an underdamped rebound. This leads to a fork that feels ok when charging hard, but beats you up, deflects and "pogo-sticks" once the rider falls off the pace.  


The Rock-Monster kit gives tuneability back to the rider, and delivers a fork that tracks well in turns, smooths out chatter and gobbles up big hits and whoops without drama. Maintain your line, reduce fatigue and arm-pump, and gain speed and confidence. Bring your suspension to the next level!


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  • The Rock-Monster kit contains replacement revalves and complete shim stacks to transform your WP AER 48 air forks. A personalized setting will be provided to meet the needs of each individual customer.